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Car Repairing

Your Trusted Partner for High Quality Tyres & Wheels

We Ensure That Your Tyres Never Tire

Among all the components in your vehicle the ones that keep it grounded as well as ‘flying’ ahead are the wheels and the tyres. They are constantly at work whether the car is moving or is parked and resting. No wonder they have come a long way since bands of iron or leather were placed on wooden discs to the present day when tyres are made from a plethora of materials (synthetic rubber, fabric, silica, steel wires, carbon black etc.) and placed over steel or alloy wheels. But they are also among the hardest components to maintain because they are closest to the dirt and grime; in fact they move on it. And that is why the specialised wheel and tyre service section at PLS Care is a boon for your cars. With avant garde equipment and highly skilled technicians, we will ensure that your tyres never tire!

Extensive Array of Services

We stock all the top brands of tube & tubeless and radial & belted tyres. Along with the manufacturer’s guarantee and warranty, we offer a host of services to maintain your wheels and tyres in top shape.

    1. 1. Tyre filling It takes more than mere filling of air (or nitrogen more recently) to maintain your tubed or tubeless tyres. While filling up the tyres if you notice that one of them is at a lower pressure than the others, it could point towards slow punctures, leaks or damaged side walls. A thorough inspection is necessary to decide whether the tyre needs to be repaired or replaced. We are also experts in dealing with all kinds of flats.
    1. 2. Wheel alignment Observe the tread on your tyres. If they seem to be wearing out non-uniformly, your vehicle has an alignment and balancing issue. The same diagnosis holds true if the car tends to move towards the left or right while driving. We make the necessary adjustments in the suspension of your vehicle with cutting edge equipment from Bosch to ensure that all the wheels are aligned in the correct angle.
    1. 3. Wheel balancing If similar problems of uneven wearing and car veering in a particular direction occurs after wheel alignment, it’s time for wheel balancing. This involves the equalisation of the combined weight of the wheel and tyre assembly to ensure a smooth and even ride even at high speeds.
  1. 4. Tyre Retreading Over time, tyres go bald with constant wear and tear. This drastically reduces the tyres’ grip and safety. While the best option is to replace all the tyres in one go, it could prove expensive. At our car clinic we extend the life of the tyres through our retreading services which bring back the tyres’ safety quotient.

Let the process of fitting a tyre tire you out. Trust us once and you will be assured of the best car repair and service for a lifetime.


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