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Car Repairing

Power Transmission Service & Maintenance By Expert Technicians

Whether it is an automatic that you are driving or a manual-shift vehicle, remember that there is an extremely hardworking transmission system working behind the scenes to ensure that your ride is top gear! The transmission system is deeply embedded and entwined across different automobile systems making repairs and replacement an extremely expensive affair. That is why car care specialists at PLS Care recommend a transmission service once in 2 years or every 50,000 kms, whichever is earlier. However, these are in normal driving conditions. In extreme conditions, more frequent servicing would be necessary.

Preventive Maintenance Of Transmission

Since a broken down transmission gets extremely costly to repair, it would be best to enrol your vehicle in a preventive maintenance regimen. Our trained technicians will clear all the accumulated sludge and debris build-up in the transmission system through special solutions. Once the transmission fluid is past its optimal age, our expert mechanics will eject it out of the system with professional grade equipment and replace it with premium transmission fluid and conditioner. In case the transmission fluid color is moderately good, PLS Care will only flush the old fluid with new fluid, saving you time and money.

Transmission Service

Servicing your car’s transmission system goes beyond fluid changes.

Tips from PLS Care Clinic For Your Transmission’s Longevity

Maintenance of your vehicle’s transmission system depends upon transmission fluid change and overall maintenance. It is required regularly and not just when things go bad. Here are ways in which you can maintain your car’s transmission fluid valvoline and ensure a longer life.

  • 1. Depress the clutch completely while changing gears. If you are driving an automatic, do not change the drivetrain from ‘forward’ to ‘reverse’ while the car is moving.
  • 2. When you start the car, allow the engine to warm up a bit before changing the gear to drive away. This is especially important in winter months.
  • 3. Don’t drive for too long on the stepney or spare tyre as this could lead to mismatch and imbalance between tyres which affects the transmission.
  • 4. As far as possible, do not use your vehicle to carry loads more than what is specified or for towing other vehicles.
  • 5. Have your car serviced only by professionals and specialists

For all your transmission repair and maintenance needs, don’t hesitate to call PLS Care!


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