Hydrogen Cylinder Testing

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Hydrogen gas is colourless, odourless, tasteless and non-toxic. The cylinders containing hydrogen are known as Hydrogen Cylinders and are marked with red colour wholly.

We take every precaution while handling these type of industrial gas cylinders which are highly flammable and have laid down a number of safety measures for the same. We have been granted license by Petroleum Explosives and Safety Organisation of India (P.E.S.O.) to conduct Hydrogen Cylinder Testing at our fully-equipped facility.

In this rapidly changing industrial environment of increasing requirements and increasing costs, we have sought to offer a very competitive and an affordable solution for the masses. Our systems have been designed and customized from the ground up to accommodate every trivial need and keep on undergoing continuous progress, this is the main reason why we are more successful and better than our competitors in the market.

The hydrogen cylinder undergoes what is known as HydroStatic Stretch Testing in accordance with IS: 5844. This is one of the steps of the whole process in which the cylinder is highly pressurized to check for any expansion / contraction beyond the specified limits. To undertake crucial tasks like these, we have employed a dedicated team of experts in this field.

Our setup is large and is able to deal with work in large number of quantities at once with assurance and quality in workmanship.