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Car Repairing

Precision Based Professional Denting & Painting Service

With road traffic ever on an increase especially in the urban areas, scratches, paint peelings, dents and body damage to your vehicle is a distinct possibility. And that’s why, most of the car owners keep searching for car dent repair near me to find the best possible service provider.

We at PLS Care know how hard this feels for a car owner and also how difficult it is to get good quality painting and denting services done on a pocket-friendly budget. Our expert mechanics and technicians make use of the latest techniques and technologies to transform your dented and damaged vehicle into a new looking one!

If you are planning to sell your vehicle to someone, it would be a good idea to avail our world-class car repair dent and scratches services to get better value in your sale. Or if you simply wish to give your old car a facelift, the ‘beauticians’ at our car clinic will be glad to help you with advice and a full range of services (body repair, bumper repair, car painting, car repainting) at the best prices, so that you don’t have to worry about cost of car dent repair.

The Dent Removal Process

We are happy to offer you our dry dent-removal services that provide near-perfect repair to your car. We follow an elaborate ritual to ensure perfection in our service.

  • ● The first step is to eliminate all the dents and bumps on the body of your vehicle using various tools including hammers, picks, spoons, dollies and dent-pullers depending on the size of the dents.
  • ● The next step is to remove and smooth out all scratches so that the affected panel gets back to its original shape. The rust, if any, is also grinded out.
  • ● Irregularities in shape of the base layer are smoothed out using body fillers and then sandpapering it. Dry sanding is followed by wet sanding to provide a perfect painting surface.

The Painting Process

The biggest challenge while painting is to ensure a perfect match between the newly painted existing areas. With intelligent automation for colour mixing and uniform spray painting, the mechanics at PLS Care achieve the best results for car painting services.

  • ● The entire vehicle other than the area(s) to be painted is masked to prevent overspray.
  • ● The surface to be painted is washed with shampoo, degreased with a premium solvent and cleaned with microfibre cloth.
  • ● Multiple coats of paints (including primer, base coat and clear coat) are applied through a paint gun with sufficient time for each coat to dry.
  • ● Once the painted area dries, it is cleaned again and polished to make it look as good as new.

PLS Care assures you of a quick estimate and quick turnaround times ranging from 2-5 days for the denting and painting service. Book your service online and we shall arrange for a pick up and drop of your vehicle too.

The best news is that this whole service is completely covered by insurance. Submit the necessary documents to our crew member and we shall ensure a hassle-free experience for you!


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