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We provide CNG Cylinder Hydro Testing Services for pan India customers, the government approved facility that we run only hires trained manpower which accentuates to only one thing - greater workmanship. The certificates issued by us are are valid for 3 years pan India and are also viewable online for your ease of access.

Contact US at: +91 91515 91516 to get your Cylinder Hydrotested or Click here to send us an email.

We first started providing CNG Cylinder Testing services in 2015 in Greater Noida region. Now three years later, we have opened our second unit at Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. With the technical background and working calibre in our organization, we were quickly able to capture the market share with our proper systems and processes in place to ensure that each and every customer is satisfied.

Contact US at: +91 91515 91516 to get your Cylinder Hydrotested or Click here to send us an email.

CNG Cylinder Testing is made mandatory by the government which is required to be done periodically every 3 years. We ensure that every cylinder goes through a thorough and proper testing according to the rules and norms as laid down by Petroleum Explosives and Safety Organisation (PESO). Our facility has each and every tool and machinery that is required to do the proper testing within a stipulated time. Also, we are 9001:2015 ISO Certified.

A CNG Cylinder goes through the following steps while it is being tested:
  • De-pressuring & Degassing of Cylinder
  • Valve opening and Internal Inspection
  • Internal cleaning and drying of cylinder
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Testing of the Cylinder Wall
  • Hydrostatic Stretch Testing of the Cylinder
  • Internal / External Cleaning and Drying of the cylinder
  • Checking of Tare Weight of the Cylinder
  • Internal / External Inspection
  • Fixation of the Cylinder on the Vehicle/Cascade
  • Providing Testing Certificate of the Cylinder

Also, in addition to the above, we check the cylinder for any corrosion, leakage, structural flaws and many more things which can render it unfit for use.

If you have any type of query or request or want to give any feedback about the service, you are most welcome to get in touch with us on the numbers / e-mail as given on the top and bottom of the page.

Affordable Testing

You can be assured that we provide you the best competitive rates on the market coupled with our invaluavle services.

Advanced Infrastructure

Our units / establishments are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and equipment so that you can relax while your cylinder is being tested by our experts.

PESO Certified

We are certified by Petroleum Explosives and Safety Organization (PESO) to conduct CNG Cylinder Testing and issue test certificates which will be valid throughout India.

Customer Satisfaction

We go that extra mile in order to keep our customers satisfied by resolving complaints (if any) and following up with them.